Independent foresty consultant Urros has produced a report showing VicForests will make large losses logging the Alberton West State Forest.
The first, and smallest, of the four coupes it plans to log is called Sturt. This one alone is estimated to set taxpayers back to the tune of $28,167.
If we don’t put a stop to the madness, logging the remaining four coupes will see losses balloon into six-figure sums.

VicForests costs taxpayers millions each year

VicForests, which sells native timber, is owned by the Victorian government and it’s losing millions of dollars. Last year’s annual report shows it lost about $20 million. How does it keep operating? Victorian taxpayers are covering its losses at a cost of $18 million in 2020 and almost $19 million in 2019.

Yes, we are all paying VicForests to make a loss cutting down our local forests.

From the most recent VicForests Annual Report

Help us put an end to Victorian taxpayers footing the bill for VicForests now.