Q: Surely VicForests is harvesting the forest sensitively?
A: That’s what they say but they are logging right when endangered animals like the Lace Monitor are hibernating and just as the Powerful Owl nests. Both are meant to be protected. VicForests also seems to be ignoring the Victorian government’s own rules when it comes to protecting Powerful Owl habitat.
It’s big, heavy machinery, leaving nothing but mud in its wake. Don’t be fooled by words like thinning.

Q: VicForests harvests timber sustainably, doesn’t it?
A: VicForests has failed to get Forest Stewardship Council certification after years of trying. It’s even banned from supplying hardware giant Bunnings due to its poor performance when it comes to sustainability.

Q: Does VicForests’ work harvesting timber help Victorian taxpayers?
A: Last year, Victorian taxpayers had to prop up VicForests to the tune of $12 million. If we invested the money we’re spending cutting down the Alberton West Forest in our community, we could put a new roof on the basketball stadium so it doesn’t rain inside!

Q: Who’s protecting the Alberton West Forest?
A: Help is pouring in from right around Australia but at the core is a small group of locals. We know each other through Landcare and are a bunch of practical, sensible farmers and senior citizens who know and love the forest.
We have nothing against logging or firewood collection but we can’t bear to watch all the precious and endangered things in this forest crushed just so VicForests can make an even bigger loss that we have to cover as taxpayers.
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